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Apr. 23rd, 2009

11 days till final exams, I have joined facebook and Im going to go shopping tomorrow... oh the sunshine!

Finished all my layouts for the school yearbook, my picture is a disaster on the staff photo and my quote for my graduate portrait will most likely not make it into the book.....it's going to be legendary wait for it , wait for it.....fail.
So tired that typing seems annoying. Can't wait until Im...65?


Cute snapshot of the day.....

last weekend with ami since Im slow

Omfg's of the week:

1. How long it took me to get the fact that Britney Spear's new song "If You Seek Amy" spells of F-U-C-K ME. I'm awesome.
2. That Kal Penn is quitting his acting career for....wait for it...wait for it...TO WORK FOR OBAMA!
3. The fact that it took me 25 minutes to get a burger at McDonalds today.
4. The fact that I managed to sit and talk about fanfiction for 3 hours today.
5. that it takes me 40 minutes to build a Lego house, while my boyfriend's little brother builds that crap in 5.
6. I still have problems with counting time differences in math...I mean come on!
7. That George Bush is planning on being a higly paid public...Speaker? What the hell...seriously?

So, LAST WEEKEND I sat around for 5 hours at the bakery where Amila works, coming up with fanfiction plots, hearing about her hatered for Ichigo in Bleach and dancing while to crappy music. Which brings me to...

The wish of the day: Learn how to rap.

The previous week has been all about my and Amila's birthdays, easter break, Xbox 360 and spending time with my boyfriends family and their cats.

Here's a pic spam for Ami...

Today was freezing, pointless and yet very cozy. Had no lessons in school since everyone was sick, so I spent the most of the day with my boyfriend sleeping away the time and drinking tea (yes, I'm 65 or something). Sleep is awsome by the way, in case anyone missed that. Especially when it's about -10 C outside. What happened to global warming? Or is that just some bullshit that the polar bears have come up with to lead us into a a false sense of security before they all invade us?

Today's uppers:
  • Finding out that Dir en Grey is coming to Metaltown (even though they abandonned their kickas visual-kei style and traded it in for converse and jeans... how very out there, wow guys..wow.)
  • Reaching lvl 65 in World Of Warcaft (yes, since I don't have a life this time being).
  • Seeing my brother's wife appear in some random pop music video from Cyprus...can you say wtf??? O.o
  • Realizing it's only about 5 months till I'm out of my high school and hopefully starting on something a bit more narrow. I think that the IB program, although having a pretty high quality, hasn't provided me with what I actually will be needing for my University...go me. Anyone that can teach me Photoshop illustrator???

Today's downers:
  • Migrane, no tea can cure this.
  • Cold weather, causes migranes.
  • Cold weather, causes painful skin.
  • ...very cold weather, makes you hate doing anything.

  1. Green Tea keeps you warm but doesn't give bad breath.
  2. Wall-E, the most likable tin can I've ever seen)
  3. Christmas being over and done with. No more tinsel, no more wrapping presents and gluing yourself to the box, no more glitter getting stuck all over you and NO MORE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, finally our eyes can rest and so can our wallets, well, unless you poor people celebrate Valentines day like me *sigh*.
  4. Hugh Laurie. His accent really does boggle me still. Also, the fact that he was in Blackadder makes me laugh my ass of ^^.
  5. Pointless British reality shows. Is there anything in the world that can make you feel smarter?
  6. Youtube comments. Aaaah, god. Isn't it just the best entertainment? So much anger is expressed there, it's unbelievable. Who knew that som 13-year-old lip syncing to HM3 can envoke such debates? Debates which for some reason always end with stuff like "Modern music sux as n it like toally ruined teh oldschool shet" or "Kurt Cobain is still alive!" O.o. Wtf guys? Get spellcheck and erm...well...a calendar?

Good Night!!!!!

Watch out for the polar bears!!!

Tuesday :(

Today is Tuesday...which means that in exactly one week im screwed since I have a Swedish test that actually goes on my grade and my informal oral in English which also goes on my final grade. I actually think my teacher will eat me alive with some bbq sauce....or maybe even without. Hopefully she'll just yawn and call em awful or boring. That'd be better.
Just spent about 3 hours writing a bitchy commentary for swedish about the diskrimination of men in commericals...(since I think women bitch too much about how they are exposed in commercials and I felt like taking a more interesting approach). 
Planned my psychology experiment today...going to work with subliminal messages hihi ^^, lot of work to do but it's going to be worth it, so my experiment doesn't go "eh, read these five words and try to repeat them in 10 minutes while counting backwards"  those are a bundle of fun.
Rediscovered an old band, Bump Of Chicken. Took ages to find my fav song since all the songs are in Japanese...letters. Further googled the crap out of Oomph!, they are kick as ^^.
Looking forward to my Christmas, since i'm getting adorable sleepware...a bit miss matching though, corset set from mom and a hello kitty bathrobe and slipper from my boyfriend O.o. Also really want to sit and make chocolate cake with Ami and watch Narnia...

Well, I''m off to RP with my boyfriend (less exciting than it sounds, unfortunatley) :b.


4 Days till Lucia
10 days till end of school <3
15 days till Christmas
22 days till New Year

Wo:y weekend

Today I got my internet back (AFTER 6 MONTHS!!!) and decided to celebrate with a quick LJ note :)
Since I've already spent the last two days playing Wrath of the Lich King at my boyfriends place.
I actually got my troll mage to look good O.o got my warrior up to level 30 (it's taken a while alright) and made a shiny evil pretty blood elf Death Knight (as 289748927 other girls on WoW).
Shame that I reached Otuland exactly when the expansion pack came out since now it's fucking empty. Go me. Also, Northrend kix Outland as! It really does. Oh well, what can you do?
Soon it's Lucia, then it's christmas and before that.....I have oral exams since I go to IB and we are not entitled to have a life. Having a life makes you retarted :b.

Tomorrow I'm taking my best friend by the hand and accompanying her to the dentist since she's dead scared of them and I will attempt to cheer her up. Hope her surgery goes well...Go ami! Go ami! :D

24 Hrs in Chicago

First 24 hrs in Chicago for this stay, fun, I guess. To sum it up it's been Indian food, horror movie evening with my sister and a n hour of  chatting with HP tech support (thrilling experience). Took about 20 minutes for me to get it through to them that my computer (my poor baby *sob*!!!) is dead. I love the part when they told me to back up all my files like mmhm with WHAT? "Have you tried a usb device??" erm no you fucktard, its DEAD.

Oh well, I watched this shitty movie with my sister, The Wicker Man or whatever it's called. I seriously want my 2 hrs back, NOW. It wasn't scary and it sucked as. Does Nicholas Cage really read the scripts before taking on the parts? I bet M. Night Shymalan is crying his heart out cause he didn't make this movie first.
So boring...........


Zita Rock 2008

Guten Tag!

About two weeks ago I was in the fair city of Berlin, and the whole trip kicked as ><!!!
I was at the Zita Rock Festival and it was probably the greatest most amazing weekend of my life!!!! So far.
 Me and my boyfriend finished our goddamn exams and took the first bus to Berlin and spent about 14 hours on a bus with no air conditioning and an english  a german speaking driver to get to the place, My German knowledge (after getting an A and a B+ in the school courses)  amounts to:
"Ich bin ein katze"

By the time we got there it was 6 in the morning and the festival was going to start around 13, I felt like my legs were going to turn into jello at any second O_o.
But, once we got to the festival it was definatley worth it :D.
The Zitadell where it was held was beautiful, the food was great (mmmm meat) and so were the drinks, the music was fucking amazing!
I can't believe that I got to hear Eisbrecher and Unheilig live!!! "Mein Stern" by Unheilig was probably the highlight of his performance, I started to cry it was so beautiful. Then again, the song moves me like hell even when spreading from my iPod which holds no musical power whatsoever. I was worried that his voice would give way again. We were really lucky that he had recovered, since all the tours before the Zita festival were cancelled :( Tried cheering him on as much as possible, lost my own voice there a bit :)

Eisbrecher was probably the highlight of my life so far....wow...I mean....wow. They have a remarkable stage presence and generally exciting to see, good choice of songs and great performance. Favorite was probably "Kinder Der Nacht", too bad my German isn't good enough to sing along to it without sounding like a complete retard.
Wonderful show and it was so sweet of them to take the time to sign autographs for their fans.....Cued for Unheilig in the blazing sun  with water going for 2 euro a glass for 40 min but didn't meet him :*( but I did however get in time to meet Eisbrecher :D om my god! I can die happy now. 14 hour bus trip and no sleep for 2 days, so worth it.

And the day after....I pulled a classic "me"........
Me and my boyfriend were letting our right calfs rest from the "jumping" from the previous day at the fesival while enjoying our breakfast at our super sweet hotel (I think they really hated me since I like ate up half the buffé O_o). And I sitting there, right, buttering my 6th croissant and this guy walks out on in the garden and starts eating....and my mind goes:
Alex fro
 "Hmmm, cool, that guy looks like Alex from Eisbrecher, I mean wow..he even has the same beard and even the tan looks right, and he has the same shirt as he did yesterday wow, what a lame fan."

My boyfriend comes back with his breakfast and I unload what's going through my brain....
Turns out "That IS Alex!" after this I just want to melt into the ground ^^ he even eats cool :D  haha.
But I can be so lame...Jesus. Then we saw the "Maximator"  hahahaha ^^ in the lobby, and he recognized us mmm *bliss*. They seem like such laid back people. I'm definatley not downloading their albums :), straight off to the C-D St-...what do you call it....St-...St-or-e (????) for me ^^.
Rest of the time we spent in Berlin involved sightseeing, getting plastered and getting sunburned. I'm so doing this again next year.
Ich liebe Berlin!!!!!! ^^

Here are some pics that I took.... I look really retarted on the one with Alex...but what can I do? At least I remembered to breathe :D


My boring Saturday

Since my world of warcraft account decided to pain me and expire today  I am stuck with my livejournal. Not that anyone reads this anyways, and not like I really write, but what if I one day become a famous LJ writer and conquer the world! Then maybe someone will want t go back and see what happened before that ^^...or maybe not.
Today I saw amila and we sat and bullshited about stupid as things such as vagatarians, bisexuals and sailor moon. I also have to point out that if McDonalds stopped selling Happy Meals, then I won't have to listen to a kid going "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" for 2.5 hours.
Also have to point out that just beacause I speak english well in a country where people generally speak another language does not make me a valid target for conversation, it doesn't! Just shut up!
Well, here's my rant...wooo.
I also did the Ipod "Soundtrack for the movie about my life"  thing that everyone seems to post.
Also have a new Fanfic that I'm pondering on making....Battle Royal crossover or a WoW/Harry Potter fan fic, but I have little inspiration right now so....nah.

Movie of my life Soundtrack

Opening Credits: Tainted Love, Marilyn Manson (What kind of movie is this?)

Waking Up: To The End, My Chemical romance (How...erm..perky)
First Day At School: Otherside, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Bullied or what?)
Falling In Love: Supremacy of Self, Hatebreed (Ok, angsty agro relationship, could see it happen)
Fight Song: Highway To Hell, Marilyn Manson remix (How fitting...whaaa kick as!)
Breaking Up: The Carpal Tunnel of Love, Fall out Boy (My Ipod prolly knew what I was doing...fitting song)
Prom: Gently, Slipknot (Why do I think Carrie?)

Life's Ok: Trying Your Luck, The Strokes (Cute)
Mental Breakdown: Mr Z, five (Hahahaha....if Ilisten to thata then i did have a mental breakdown)
Flashback: Long before Rock n roll, Mando Diao (Suiting...love mando diao *drool*)
Getting Back Together: I'm Not Ok, My Chemical Romance (Im really a sucker for those angst realtionships huh?)
Wedding: If I Could Give All my Love, Counting Crows (Aw...Counting Crows is my ultimate sappy band, thanks)
Amazing Hot Sex Porno Scene:
Beat It Upright, Korn (Fitting...but slightly gross)
Birth of Child: Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2 (So my kid is born on a Sunday, painfully)
Final Battle: I Touch myself , Blondie (erm....what kind of movie is this?)
Death Scene: Reptilia, The Strokes (Suiting and my oh so beloved song)
Funeral Song: Benedictus, Mozart's Requieum (1. How very fitting 2.How the fuck did it get on my Ipod? O_O)
End Credits: Pictures, System of a Down (Oh how perky)

First entry

Good day to all lj dwellers (all 1 of you that might stumble upon my page) I have now owned an lj account for a few weeks but failed to post anything, so here is a little blogg over the starting days of the christmas season....